Monday, May 05, 2008

Fortress AmeriKKKa Day 721

Today is a day that surely drives every red-blooded American crazy! It's Cinco de Mayo!

Back in the 1860s, France tried to invade Mexico. The Mexican army defeated the French army at Puebla on 5/5/1862. It was a temporary victory. France conquered Mexico the next year, and put Emperor Maximilian on throne, where he stayed until dieciséis de septiembre (September 16, 1867) when Mexico won its independence.

Cinco de Mayo is not a big holiday in Mexico, except in Puebla. That's because the holiday was invented in AmeriKKKa during France's occupation as a protest. Over the years, it has grown to be another celebration of ethnic heritage, like St. Patrick's Day, Chinese New Year, and Oktoberfest. Beer makers have adopted the day as a way to boost beer sales after March Madness and before the start of summer.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! And thanks, Wikipedia!



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