Wednesday, November 14, 2007


To: The Republican Party

From: Hiikeeba

Subject: Hypocrisy

No human is perfect, yet all politicians have to act perfect to be elected. Republicans often run on a platform of morality: against gay marriage, for the sanctity of the traditional marriage. Then, when caught soliciting bathroom sex and being convicted, say "I have done nothing wrong, and my family, my God and my good constituents know that. We're going to continue to seek justice."

First, Idaho Senator Larry Craig. Second, Washington Legislator Richard Curtis. And third, Florida State Representative Bob Allen. All three are champions of "family values." All three oppose same sex unions. All three enjoy smoking pole.

Take a page from the Democrats, guys. Diane Feinstein has championed the minimum wage for years, yet the law exempts her from paying it to her winery employees. Ted Kennedy has always fought against big oil companies, demanding more in taxes, but somehow managing to exempt his family's oil company in Texas. Ralph Nader has always been a supporter of labor unions, but fired his employees when they tried to unionize. Al Gore flies a private plane all over the world to tell us to cut back on our CO2 emissions and monthly pays the average family's annual electric bill to power his home. These three statesmen are above moral reproach because they are visionaries!

The Republican Party needs to have someone act as a visionary, and they will be immune from all charges of spin and hypocrisy, and, as a result, their shenanigans won't be covered in the MSM.

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