Friday, June 22, 2007

I am a big fan of Frank Lloyd Wright, and a history buff. When the two things intersect, I am almost giddy with joy.

Wright designed houses for the rich, like Fallingwater, but his real interest was in designing houses for the less wealthy by using mass produced components. He believed all income classes deserved good architecture. In 1916, he designed and built some low income housing on Milwaukee's south side. Over the last century, various additions, including aluminum siding on one of the house, have obscured the buildings' pedigree. Now Frank Lloyd Wright Wisconsin has bought two of the houses and intends to restore them to their 1916 condition.

Once the restoration is complete, the two bedroom house will become a museum. And, if it is anything like the Pope-Lehigh house in Virginia (which I visited in 2001), will shed light on how people lived in 1916.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did a search for the Pope Leheigh house and I am sure I didn't spell the name right. So, your blog page came up first. I, too, have visited the PL house in DC and I am thinking about designing a house for myself like the PL house. Thanks for the blurb about Milwauke. Rob Miller

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