Saturday, June 09, 2007

So Paris Hilton finally will pay her debt to society, eh? And as she weeps and cries out for her mother and shouting, "It's not right!" like all good addicts, we just keep on watching. Some wept for her, some cheered as she was led away in handcuffs, and some tried to tie themselves to the story's coattails for some free publicity.

Over on, someone criticized Rev. Al Sharpton who said the only reason she got out the first time was becuase she was white. He left out "rich, pretty and blond." Others wrote, "He may be a racist, but that doesn't mean he's wrong." (Someone else commented, "Umm. OJ?")

In this HDTV age, we cannot tear ourselves away from the glowing box that lives in practically every room in our house, feeding us with image after image of Paris and her ilk partying, drinking, and having sex. It's like we have nothing else to entertain ourselves. It's like there is nothing and no one outside the walls of our home that we can enjoy. Is it any wonder that we often don't know our neighbors? We're all inside watching Paris do something. Is it any wonder we don't write letters anymore? We might miss something on TV either when we write the letter or when we read the letter. The TV is a part of our family. It babysits the kids, and lulls the parents to sleep late at night. We would rather watch TV than complain about the erosion of our rights and liberties. We might miss Letterman's Top Ten List!

The only bad thing about Paris going to jail for 45 days, is the daily live update on how she's filling her time.

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