Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Daily Mail story is titled "Dyslexia 'is just a middle-class way to hide stupidity'."

Now, I ask you, how can you not read the article?

Doctors in England have not been able to find evidence that dyslexia is a medical condition, and suspect that it is really just a way to avoid calling someone unintelligent. Dyslexics have poor short-term memory, and have problems reading, writing and doing math. Supporters of the disease say that dyslexics are super-intelligent, but are unable to process information the way "normal" people can.

In other words, if your child isn't doing well in school, it's not their fault. They're actually very smart. But they have an illness that makes them appear stupid. If your child is hyperactive, bouncing off the walls, it's not because he's undisciplined. It's because he has a disease called ADHD. If he gets hooked on drugs, it's not his fault. He has an addictive personality. It's a disease. If your child is a tub of lard, it's not his fault. He is genetically predisposed to being "big boned." And when I say it's not their fault, what I really mean is that it's not your fault. You're not a bad parent. You just have crappy genes. And that's a disease, too!

I believe that ADHD, dyslexia and other learning disorders are related. I also believe that ADHD has been promoted by drug companies. In the 80s, there were ads for ADD drugs for your kids. In the late 90s, those kids had grown up and the ads were for ADHD drugs for adults. Why, if you took this drug, you will be a success at work!

But this lack of focus that ADHD brings isn't new. It isn't a product of our modern age. It's just the way our brain works. In Zen Buddhism it is called the monkey mind because of the way it jumps around. But we live in a drug influenced society. As the song goes, "everything you think, do, or say/ is in the pill you took today."


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