Monday, June 04, 2007

While I don't begrudge tv stations from making money, I am beginning to wonder what business they are in exactly. Last night I watched the new Larry the Cable Guy special in snippets between commercials on the Comedy Channel. Larry made four jokes then BOOM! Cut to a 5 minute commercial block. Then four jokes and a four minute commercial block.

Over on the Discovery Channel, there is a commercial break every eight minutes: 8 minutes after the hour, 16 minutes after the hour, 24 minutes after the hour, 32 minutes after the hour, 40 minutes after the hour, and 48 minutes after the hour. And, they run the closing credits over the last few minutes of every show so they can squeeze in one more commercial.

Back in the 60s, the original Star Trek ran about 50 minutes. in the 80s, TNG ran about 40 minutes. And the networks are trying to get Tivo to fix that nasty commercial skipping thing.

And the commercials themselves are sending mixed messages. Right after a credit card commercial there's a commercial for a debt consultant, then a Ditech commercial. Or there's a soda or snack commercial followed by Kirstie Alley or a former Miami Dolphin hawking Jenny Craig diet meals.

Is it any wonder I can't save money?


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