Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fortress Amerikkka - Day 392!

Texas Governor Rick Perry, also known as the best governor money can buy, wants to create a new state drivers' license that will act as a passport to make it easier for U.S. citizens to return from Mexico. He knows that it's not something a state can do, so he's sending the idea to Washington.

Under the program, the Texas Department of Public Safety would implant chips in driver licenses to store citizenship information typically included on a passport. The licenses could then be scanned at border checkpoints to verify the information.


By 2008, federal guidelines will require people returning from Mexico by land to provide a passport.

A passport costs about $97. Shapleigh said the enhanced driver license would cost about $40.

"For ease, convenience and less cost, Americans can return from Mexico and not need a passport," he said.

Umm, excuse me, Mr. Governor, but doesn't trying to make crossing the border easier violate your campaign promise to make crossing the border harder?



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