Thursday, December 14, 2006

Brtiney Spears apologized for flashing her vagina by saying it had been so long since she'd been out with friends. She says she a fan of Victoria's Secret, and while doesn't promise, she hints that she'll be wearing underwear from now own. That beaver flash had to be planned. "I ditched the loser husband," she must have thought, "now I can pull a Lindsay Lohan." (Don't click those last two links if you are offended by trailer trash acting without thinking. I don't intend to offend. I posted this links, and bookmarked them, to illustrate my point. Both of these ladies, and I use the term loosely (pardon the pun), are examples grass not growing on a race track.)

I remember when has-been celebrities used to pose for Playboy. Now, they leave their underwear at home and hope to spot some papparazi near some steps.

In related news, 61 year-old Bette Midler took a shot at Britney and Lindsay, calling them wild and wooley sluts. Bette said she had been wild, but always wore underwear. "And I'm wearing underwear, a lot of underwear. In fact I'm wearing all the underwear that those girls are not wearing - at least two bras and several pairs of panties," Midler added. (Oh thanks for that mental image, Bette!) Bette concluded, "I mean someone should sit those ladies down."

Um, maybe you should let them put some underwear on first, just in case the chairs are cold.



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