Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rebecca Sue Withrow, 30, was arrested Friday for performing sex acts with one of her 11-year-old fifth-grade students at Polenta Elementary School near in Clayton, North Carolina back in 2003. Rebecca, a hottie, was also having an affair with the boy's father. The student recently confided in the mother about the incident, and she contacted the authorities.

Once again, if the Religious Right, the ones who put the 'Fun' back into Fundamentalism, and 'Laughter' back into Pagan Slaughter, really, truly believed that adultery was wrong, they would make every woman wear a burka and this whole sad affair would not have happened.

C'mon, Fundies! Where's your outrage? Saving it up for the Holidays?

P. S. Don't forget to vote. Your neighbor is going to vote. You know, the guy who won't return your tools when he borrows them. Then again, maybe you loaned him your vote, too.



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