Friday, October 20, 2006

I got this email from someone who thinks I'm someone else:

Our granddaughter in California was turned down for a teaching job, because she only had one yr. of Spanish. She got a job at a private school. She now teaches in Rancho Cucomonga, second grade.

Had an interesting conversation with a lady of Hispanic origin last week. She told me that she planned to come down to St. Mary's and get a job in Admissions (where I work). When I pointed out that we didn' t have any openings, she advised me that "soon" current employees will have to be fired to hire bi-lingual employees. According to this lady, the Spanish-speaking people of the US are going to demand that all public facilities like hospitals, courthouses, etc. - be staffed by people who read, speak and comprehend Spanish.

We hear about the silent majority, but I think we are going to have to speak up or find ourselves a conquered country. That would be an interesting historical note - greatest land in the world conquered by Mexico without ever firing a shot! Think about it. Petition to require citizenship to be eligible for social services in the United States . No amnesty and no free services for illegal immigrants.

I the undersigned below, agree that we need to keep English as our primary language and those who live in our country need to learn ENGLISH, not make the US citizens conform to Spanish.


Personally, the only thing that scares me more than a Fundamentalist preaching Intelligent Design in our schools, is folks who demand that English First laws be passed.

These folks believe that democracy should prevail, and that since there are more English speakers, we should vote for English. But white people are the minority in four states. (Sorry. I don't know how else to describe these people. They aren't worried about the French or the Germans. No, they're worried about Meskins coming along and messing up the place.) The only problem is that since white people are having fewer children, and Hispanics, well, aren't. And, as Hispanics become the majority, they should, by the same reasoning, demand Spanish First laws. And if the majority of people are Catholic, then Protestantism should be outlawed. Democracy is democracy after all.

And if they really wanted this to be one nation under God, they would demand that we speak in Aramaic, since that's what Jesus spoke.

The author of the piece (not the person who sent it to me, apparently), believes that the only way Spanish should be accepted north of the Rio Grande was the way we got English in here: by open warfare.

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