Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Travel Plans

I am taking my parents to Virginia to vist my dad's brother. The way things have been going the last couple of years, you never know what could happen. My dad is 70 and my uncle in in his late 60s with Parkinson's disease. My mom's two younger sisters recently passed from cancer. We gotta go, in other words. On top of that, my nephew and his wife had a baby, so we can swing by South Carolina and visit them.

I looked into flights to Virginia. But it was just too darned expensive. So we're gonna take the car. Dad has already informed me that he isn't driving. So I have the pleasure of a 3000 mile round trip car vacation.

I was going to bring my laptop and, using Microsoft's Streets and Trips software, was going to kind of follow along digitally. Now, I'll be driving. But if I'm driving, I get to control the radio. I bought a Sirius satellite radio for the trip. I still have a problem paying $13 a month for radio, but at least they play the music I like.


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