Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hey, all you Global warmers who point out that hurricanes keep causing more damage! Read this article at The reason hurricanes are causing more damage each year? There's more to damage each year.

In 1947, a hurricane struck Florida causing $775 million in damage. In 1992, Hurricane Andrew caused $20 billion in damages. In 1947, there were 600,000 detached family homes in Florida worth about $20 billion. In 1992, there were 3 million detatched family homes worth $500 billion. Today, Florida has 3.8 detached family homes worth almost $1 trillion. Want to bet that the damages in the next hurricane will be more than ever! And, no, Mr. Gore, it ain't because of Global Warming.

This is one of Mr. Gore's little "exaggerations" to save the planet. It is also proof that you can prove anything with statistics.

Now for some statistics fun! Using the numbers about in 1947, the median value of a home in Florida was $30,000. In 1993, it was $165,000, or about 5 times as much as 1947. If you figure the damage per house ($1291 in 1947, and $6666 in 1992) increase, it comes to about a 5 times increase. Therefore, hurricanes are causing the same amount of damage.

Something else to note: the 1947 Hurricane had maximum winds of 155 mph. Andrew had maximum winds of 164 mph.

I am not suggesting we should all go out and buy SUVs. I am suggesting that you should think about some of the claims anyone makes before you react. Evaluate their statements. Find someone with an opposing view and listen to their interpretation of the data.

And remember, in the 15th century, the world was warmer than it is today. England was a wine making nation whose product was as good as France. A mini ice age came along and made the world colder. Now grapes don't grow in England. Grain does. That's why they make beer.



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