Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Rejoice, brethren! Rejoice!

The forces of The Lord have triumphed once again over the forces of Satan and Secular Humanism. In classes across the country, Satan's minions tried to teach lies. Brethren, they tried to put anti-God lessons into the curriculum, and, Yea!, they have been thwarted.

And on this day, Beloved, the Lord hath won a victory in the eternal struggle with Satan. For our comrades in arms against the beast, our friends in India have had removed all mention of beef eating by ancient Hindus. Rejoice, Brothers and Sisters, for if the Heathen in the Call Centers can defeat their democracy, so too can we. Be strong in Jebus! For all democracies shall fall before The Lord!

Praise Jebus and pas the White Out!



Blogger Clarissa said...

I absolutely love it when the heavy handed religion riles you up! These are my favourite posts! And for this, I love Jesus.

5:40 AM  

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