Monday, June 05, 2006

I do a little computer instruction on the side. Basically, i show them how to use their PCs, and maybe do some basic tasks for them. One of my clients decided she needed a new computer. She's an artist, and someone told her that artists should use Macs.


I have to admit that the desktop on her Mac is sexy. And I like the dock. But I have never used a Mac. Its organization and operation are a mystery. She has decided she wanted to use her Mac to invoice her customers. Since Quickbooks doesn't work on a Mac, she purchased an invoicing program. She asked me to install it.

I stuck the CD into the drive and waited for something to happen. And waited. At the very least, I know, I should have seen an icon for the disk on the desktop. But there was nothing.

So I started looking for something like Windows Explorer. Something I could use to look at the drive and see if the computer could even see the disk. (Since it didn't launch automatically, I figured it couldn't.) I spent 15 minutes clicking everywhere trying to find a way to see the cd drive.

Finally, I suggested she call the company on Monday and explain the situation. I would be back on Friday and we could see what else to do. I took my payment and left. As I drove home, I swore I would never, ever buy a Mac.


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