Monday, October 10, 2005

The Hate Continues

The only remaining area of American life where ability determines outcome is sports. I know, I know. It's shameful. But the egalitarian welfare ideals of modern American society, where one's outcomes are unrelated to one's inputs, have yet to take hold in sports, much to our shame.

Witness the New Orleans Saints.

Their home, almost destroyed during Hurricane Katrina, is unsuitable for use earning a living. They are left wandering the countryside playing their games wherever they can, without support from their fans. While other Katrina victims have received Red Cross debit cards, the Saints received nothing. Such an uneven playing field, no pun intended, must be corrected. The Saints must be declared Super Bowl XL champions. If we had a Democrat in the White House, it would have already been done. But this corporation-loving administration doesn't care about the suffering of its citizens, especially its citizens of color! (Black & Gold, in this case.)

The only people with a greater contempt for the Victims of Katrina™ are the Green Bay Packers. Imagine the hatred of an 0-4 team that compels them to work to deprive the Saints of a victory. It's wrong, I tell you,WRONG!

Demand Justice for the Saints!

(Yes, Jill, I know the Saints aren't a very good team. And yes, the Texans suck worse.)


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