Sunday, October 02, 2005

According to a story in the Arlington Post, the parents of Eric Wellhausen are suing the University of Kansas. Wellhausen fell to his death from the fifth floor ledge of his dorm after a night of drinkig. He wanted a smoke, so he opened the window, removed the screen, and then slid down a few feet to a ledge designed to dissipate heat in a fire, and fell to his death. His parents are arguing that the school didn't do enough to prevent the accident. The school, however, says that all students are told that it is not permissible to use the ledges.

The school cannot seal the windows closed because of fire saftey. And, in fact, the windows must be able to open in the event of a fire. So in essence, the University is being sued because it is following the local fire ordinances. It's the school's fault that their son died, not the person who purchased the alcohol for an 18 year old.But it certaintly isn't Eric's fault, because he was drunk, and therefore, apparently, not responsible for his actions.

If the parents win this suit, every drunk driver in the world should rejoice. Alcohol consumption absolves you of respnibility for your own actions. I'm sure MADD is thrilled about that!


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