Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I love and hate the History Channel. On weekends, there's often something interesting to watch. But on weekdays. . .

Here's what I have observed:

Monday is Hitler Day. On Monday, for example, was a mini series about the SS. Last week, it was "Last days of World War II." I'm sure the umpteenth repeat of World War II in color will be next week.

Tuesday is True Crime Day, with "Famous Murders" and "Organized Crime: A World History".

Friday is usually World War II Day redux, this week rerunning "Hitler's Women". That means that next week "Hitler's Children" will be run. Glad I have to work that Friday.

Since I always work on Wednesday and Thursday, I assume that's when they rerun shows like "The History of Britain," or "Founding Brothers," or any of the really good shows they line up for sweeps week. But somehow I doubt it.

C'mon, History Channel! Find us something else to watch during the day!


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