Monday, June 13, 2005

I'm a gadget freak. I agonized for three weeks about buying a PSP and wound up decided to wait until a decent game was out. I have twoo small, pocket-sized shortwave radios that I bought in Japan. I bought the second one because it had two more bands! They were great in Japan. In Texas, about all I get are Evangelical stations in English and Spanish.

Today, while surfing Blog Explosion, I came across Princess Wild Cow. She had two great lines I wish I had written. The first is in reference to some books she just bought: "The other is just pure mind candy for a woman that has so many books, she will have to read when she is dead." The second is about lusting after some new gadget: "The really sad thing is that I want the little doohickey over there on the right. You got it. It's an ACEPAD digital notebook. Only about $100. ("Only" Like I poop quarters every morning and just happen to have an extra 100 laying around...)"

I gotta remember that line when the newest gadget appears. Somehow it makes the money seem . . . dirty.


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