Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A Brief History of Media Bias

Every government seeks to control the media. That we have Freedom of the Press implies the British government oppressed the press before. So why do Conservatives complain of media bias? Why do the Liberals scream about the bias on Fox?

I blame it on Woodward and Berstein.

The man!  The Legend! LOU GRANT!

After they won the Pulitzer for exposing Nixon's sins, all the cop shows on TV were cancelled, and there dozens of reporter shows. Even tiny little Fredericksburg High School had a journalism department. We published a bi-weekly 8-pager called the Campus Comet. I even had a column called "The Soapbox" for two years. On TV, Ed Asner moved from comedy to drama in "Lou Grant." I remember that enrollment in journalism schools jumped. Most of the new journalist wanted to do what Woodward and Bernstein did, change the world.

Every journalist since then has tried to win their own Pulitzer by investigating any whif of Presidential scandal and, by extension, all political wrong-doing. Want proof? 'Kay: Why was Whitewater such a heinous crime only until Clinton left office? If it was such a big deal, why aren't there still ongoing investigations? Could it be the media was trying to "Woodward and Bernstein" Clinton?

Today, journalists are inventing (or at the very least, buying into) stories about Bush's sins. Witness Dan Rather's fall from grace. It all began when he ambushed Bush Sr. on TV, and Bush Sr. came out the winner. Newsweek reported that the Koran was flushed down a toilet based on the word of one person. In the resulting furor, 18 people were said to have died. Only, it didn't happen. The media said, "Oops! We did it again!"

Our next President will be a Democrat. (Bookmark this site NOW!) The Conservative whipping dog, the Liberal media, will do everything in its power to expose him as a crook.

Hello! He'll be a politician. By definition, he'll be a crook. Can we agree now not to act surprised?


Blogger rachaelmh18 said...

I likey. I'm not even going to ask for a reciprocal link. You're on my roll.

I found you via blogmarks on BE.

Don't necessarily agree with your opinions, but I find them well reasoned & thought out.

news & views fr philly [i posted on watergate the last few days, too]

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Blogger hiikeeba said...

You don't have ask for a reciprocal link. I added your site anyway. Thanks for the praise.

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