Sunday, May 29, 2005

I owe Pete Townsend an apology. I have made a lot of jokes at his expense the last couple of years. And then I went to the Crawfish Festival yesterday.

I got in line behind a gorgeous brunette who was a head shorter than me. She was wearing a black top, white shorts, and who cares what else. Let me tell you that her legs were fabulous! Her quads curved seductivly to her knees, while her calf muscle delicatly sloped to her ankles.

As she opened her wallet to pay for her ticket, I spotted her driver's license. (It was below her delightfully shaped breasts. I couldn't help but notice.) Dammit! She was a minor! As Jimmy Carter said, I lusted in my heart, and that's why I must apologze to Pete Townsend.

Of course, I didn't give her my credit card and call it research. He's still a moron for doing that! Besides, I'm trying to pay my credit cards off.


Blogger Michael said...

To borrow a phrase from a message board I frequent:

This post is worthless without pics. :)


10:34 PM  

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