Sunday, June 05, 2005

Chasing the Sun Revamp

I have spent the last few days immersed in a sea of HTML as I work on updating one of my other sites. I created a template that would allow both of my visitors to more easily navigate the site. ;)

Originally, I had toyed around with a CSS based design, but, let's face it, as pretty as CSS looks, it's awfully easy to screw things up, and damn near impossible to fix once published. At least it is for me. So I used a three column table as the basis for my design.

I still have to redo a couple of pages, and that entails changing 24+ links on each page, but when I'm finished, navigating the site should be a lot simpler.

If you can spare a few moments from your BlogExplosion clicking, stop by the site and let me know what you think about how it looks, or any ideas you have for enhancements.


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