Tuesday, May 31, 2005

In response to a comment to a previous post, I must share an email conversation I had with my nephew recently. He had sent a photo of his girlfriend. She's a marine, and I noted that she was smiling all pretty in the picture, so I told him she didn't have the face of a trained killer, like he did.Our army at war.  Sean's "War Face." He complained that he didn't know I had that picture. I reminded him that he let me copy the CD of photos he took when he was in Japan. I told him one of the most important rules in life: Always destroy embarassing pictures. And never let yourself be photographed doing something potentially embarassing.

When he asked me what I thought of his girlfriend, I complained that military uniforms make everyone look the same. I said I'd need bikini photos. He told me that he had some bikini photos, but they were on her camera.

"How can you sneak pictures of her butt with her camera? She sees 'em, she'll delete them!" I said. I told about another of life's major rules: Always use your camera for booty shots. And turn off red eye reduction. It doesn't do any good to take a picture from your hip if the little light flashes.

Besides recycling something I've written elsewhere, what's the point of this? My new digital camera has a range finding light that prevents me from shooting from the hip. So there was not photo of the hottie at the Crawfish Festival. Sorry. I'm chicken.


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Now that's a nice pic ... ;)

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