Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Over the weekend I was offered a part-time job. the local Miller Brewing Co. rep asked if I wanted to pull up for them on weekends.

I have never understood why beer distributors allowed themselves to be sucked into this little game at the supermarkets. (BTW, pulling up means stocking the shelves.) One company started it to give better service, I guess, and now all distributors hire people to stock supermarket shelves on weekends.

When I worked at HEB as a grocery stocker, the first thing I had to do on Sunday was stock the beer. The last thing I had to do before getting off in the evening was stock the beer.

I'm sure the first distributor that offered the service wanted to make sure their beer was rotated properly. Let me tell you, when you are a grocery clerk and you've got a manager breathing down your neck about stocking the green beans immediatly, the last thing you do is rotate the beer.

When I worked part-time for a local beer distributor, the local HEB had just gone to a computerized receiving system. They required each vendor who brought stuff in through the back door to enter the product into the computer. But the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission decided that beer distributors weren't required to do that, since that provided a service to the retailer. (The TABC has some hangup about beer distributors providing services to retailers - like the whole world will go to Heck in a handbasket if a beer company provided pumps with their kegs.) However, they decided that the retailer saving payroll $$ by not stocking the beer wasn't a service. Go figure that one out. I still can't.

Any way, pulling up for to company requires that you got to the supermarkets and restock the beer three times a day on Saturday and Sunday, usually at 6 am, noon, and 6 pm. Since I work one Saturday a month already, I can't do it all the time, so I told him I would be interested in filling in. If nothing else, it earns beer money.


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