Saturday, March 26, 2005

My Austin Apartments - Part 1

My first apartment in Austin was on William Cannon Blvd, almost in Manchaca. I had a third floor apartment with a delightful view of a bowling alley parking lot.

This apartment complex was of the "Make it Hard for Them to Move Out" school: Narrow staircases and sharp turns. But there were lots of old oak trees on the property and an HEB was right across the street.

Being on the top floor, I didn't have anyone stomping around on top of me. However, the people in the next apartment were very noisy. Our bedrooms shared a wall, and they had squeaky bed springs. And, oh yes, she was a screamer.

I remember one particular night, it must have been an anniversary or something. They started in about 7 pm. Several orgasms and hours later, about 11 pm, I think, God arrived, because she kept talking to him. "oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, Gaaahhhhd!"

Then there was silence. I light a cigarette, satisfied.


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