Saturday, March 12, 2005

Hobbies. Boy, do I have have hobbies!

According to some horoscope I read once, being a Gemini, I am a renaissance person, and interested in many things. I can't decide if I was like that before, or am just trying to make it self-fulfilling. At any rate, I got hobbies.

I like to draw comic books. I am working on my large graphic novel, Chasing the Sun. I just started drawing Chapter 10, have wirtten through Chapter 18, and haven't finished the story, but I'm already starting "Osama Bin Laden Owes Me $400", my 9/11 story, and have started drawing the first panel. In my head I'm plotting another series called "Comancheria," a manga-style Western. Comic pages from Blue Line Pro cost $12.95 for 24 sheets, or $0.53 per sheet. ProBoardz from BCEMylar are $12.00 for 25, or $0.48 per sheet. So I have reduced the costs on that hobby.

I got back into homebrewing this year, but since I didn't have to repurchase all the hardware, all I'll have to pay for is kits. A friend, who encouraged me back into home brewing, said he'll pick up the tab on the next few batches and split the results.

I have already mentioned that I love reading comics, and that I collect Star Trek books. How do I cut that down?


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