Thursday, March 03, 2005

I recently decided that I couldn't live another minute (!) without a Captain America action figure to go along with my collection of JSA action figures. I am fascinated by the heroes of the 30s and 40s. Anyway, as soon as the Mint-In-Box figure arrived, I ripped it open so I could play. (Keep 'em in the packaging? You can't play with 'em then!)

I wanna know what genius decided 45 points of articulation was a good idea? All of the joints are just loose enough that Cap woun't stand up! How stupid is that? Sure, you can put him in all kinds of dynamic positions, but you can make him stand and admire him from across the room! And he won't stand up beside my JSA Wonder Woman action figure.

Speaking of her, the sculpter that designed her with both feet together, so she can't balance. She had to be glued to her base to keep at a reasonable 80 degree angle. Get her to stand straight? Fageddaboutit!

Have I mentioned that I'm 40?


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