Wednesday, March 09, 2005

For the last few weeks, I have been mulling over writing about the crass commercialism of modern life. But I have been struggling with an approach to the topic. How could I contribute something new to the ongoing debate?

You want to know what business thinks of us, check your email. How many unsolicited commercial emails do you see?

According to Postini 69.6% of all email is spam. The majority of it is bulk mail, only a small percantage is "Get Rich Quick" schemes and a smaller percentage is sexually explicit. This is an 62% increase since January 2002. If you hear one of the spammers talk, they all say that we gave them permission to send us the email because we gave our address to someone. That person sold the email address to the spammer for him to use.

Business perceives us as at least two sources of income: First when we purchase from them, and second when they sell our contact information to another business. And as a result, we do not have the right not to be bombarded with ads in our mailbox, our email box, the TV and the phone. Hell, even I bombard you with ads: take a look to the right. I want to part you with your hard earned money as well.


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