Tuesday, March 08, 2005

In the last post, I outlined my plan to get control of my finances. There are a few assumptions that I needed to make.

First, I'm using eBay to get rid of stuff I don't use anymore. Mostly, it's my comic collection that I have been keeping since the 70s. I'm hoping that people will pay top dollar for this stuff, but I realize that people shoping on eBay are shopping for bargains. What will really cheese me off is if some of the books I'm selling are resold for more money. I have an ebay rule: If I have it, it isn't worth anything. If I want to buy it, it's worth at least one limb.

Second, I have to cut my current expenses. Some magazines are going away. I don't like it, but it's a fact of life. I buy comics from Westfield Comics. I can't quite convince myself to give up my comics, but I need to pare down the books I buy to what I absolutely read: like Usagi Ujimbo, or Superman, Batman, or Captain America. I also buy Star Trek books through Westfield. (I live in a small town and can't always get the new book.) Right now, I spend about $100 a month on my Westfield order. I am going to cut that down to $75.

Third, I started putting ads on my websites, including my CafePress items. Of course, now all I have to do is get people to buy stuff.

I also thought about creating a website to beg for money, like Karyn did. She was $20,000 in debt and in five months was free and clear. But that's been done. Darnnit!


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