Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Pizza Principle

There are three people who want to order a pizza for lunch. We, I mean, they have a coupon for a single large pizza with unlimited toppings. I, I mean, one person says, "I want a meat pizza: sausage, Canadian Bacon and pepperoni. If it has feet, I want it on the pizza." One person says, "Have you tried the pepperoni and pineapple pizza?" I, I mean, the first person says, "That's cool." The third person says, "That's cool."

The second person says, "Do you like olives?"

I, I mean, the first person says, "If olives have feet, I like olives."

The third person says, "That's cool."

The second person says, "What if we have them make a pepperoni and pineapple pizza, and put olives on half?"

The third person says, "I don't care."

I, I mean, the first person says, "Okay, but I don't like olives."

The pizza arrives. It is cut into eight slices. Four of the slices have olives, four do not. Persons two and three order a salad from another restaurant, and split it. I, I mean, the first person declines the salad.

When everyone has eaten their fill, two slices each, the two slices left both have olives. That means that the olive hater had two non-olive slices, and each olive lover had one olive slice and one non-olive slice. I, I mean, the olive hater is now incapable of eating the last two slices, and the olive lovers are full!

Here then is "The Pizza Principle:" If there are more people who like vegetables on their pizza than people who don't, and they order pizzas with vegetables and without vegetables in the same percentage, there will be no left over slices of pizza with no vegetables but several slices of left over pizza with vegetables.

An example: There are three people in my household. We order two medium pizzas: one supreme, one Canadian bacon and pepperoni. At the end of the meal, there are four slices of supreme pizza and no slices of the Canadian bacon and pepperoni left. The Pizza Principal in action!


Blogger Rachel Elizabeth said...

That always seems to happen to me. My fiance always eats my pizza and always leaves his left over.

5:24 PM  

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