Thursday, November 02, 2006

Debra LeFave got exactly ZERO years in prison for having an affair with a 14 year-old kid. She blew him and had sex with him. No doubt, she is being wooed by Maxim Magazine or Playboy for a photo pictorial. LeFave admitted to the affair blaming it on bipolar disease.

Schmecka White was arrested in April 2005 for stripping naked in front of students and touching herself suggestively, a charge she denies. She has been in jail since her arrest. Last week, Schmecka was sentenced to 9 years in prison.

Did I mention that Debra LeFave is smoking hot and white?

Did I mention that Schmecka White is somewhat less hot and black?

Let's see here. Hot and white means no jail. Not so hot and black means 18 months in jail while waiting for trial and nine years in prison.

I don't think Justice is a blind and she's supposed to be.

Maybe if people voted once in a while. . .



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