Thursday, February 16, 2006

This is rich! Hillary Clinton is criticising Dick Cheney because he didn't notify the media fast enough. She said it was typical of the adminstrations secretive tactics and policies.

How long did Hillary wait before alerting the media about the blow job in the Oval Office? How long did she wait before she alerted the media that her husband committed perjury when he lied to a Grand Jury?

I guess she wanted Cheney to have a press conference in the field as his friend lay bleeding. Instead, they contacted the authorities and had him rushed to the hospital. Shocking lack of priorities if you ask me. They should have had the Washington Post and CNN there to watch as a M*A*S*H chopper touched down and Hawkeye and BJ rushed out to help the lawyer.

Where is Hillary's outrage that thousands of hunting accidents occur each year and MSNBC isn't notified immediately?

People do stupid things. Constantly. Accidents happen. All the time. It's a shame that an accident like this has to be politicized. But then again, they wouldn't be politicians if they didn't kick someone while they were down.


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