Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The media isn't biased at all

Did you know there were 3000 kidnappings in Mexico in 2001? Neither did I. The media hasn't been reporting about these kidnappings. Could it be that's because the victims aren't blonde?

Remember the Runaway Bride? Rather than 'fess up and admit she got cold feet, she created a kidnapping story. CNN and FNN and HNN had hourly updates on the story. It should have been headlined, "Attractive white woman kidnapped!"

Seven days ago Karen Janssen disappeared in Aruba while on a trip celebrating her graduation from High School. (WTF? I celebrated by going to work the next day, for crying out loud! But I digress.) Aruba is generally considered a safe place. To quote a CNN article from June 3:

The island of 72,000 off the coast of Venezuela has a reputation of being all but free of crime for tourists.

There was one murder and six rapes last year and two murders and three rapes this year. But all the rapes were committed by local men against local women. The two murders involved drug addicts who died in knife fights.

Now despite the fact that they added a murder in a paragraph, the article basically says, "But now that a white, blonde girl has been kidnapped, all that is over."

They have apparently caught the persons responsible for her disappearance. Good. If they killed her, I hope they fry.

Do you think we'll every see a story about the kidnapping of an ugly, non-white person? Hell, even the OJ trials were more about the murder of an attractive white woman, and her black ex-husband was the prime suspect.

Tell me again that the media is unbiased. Someone, please tell me that CNN is less biased than Fox News. I could use a laugh.

Tomorrow, my thoughts on why the media is biased.


Blogger Daldianus said...

Hey, I was thinking (and blogged) about the same today! Racial bias in reporting events like this in the media ...

11:46 AM  

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