Monday, April 26, 2010

Fortress AmeriKKKa - Day 711

The legislature of Arizona just passed an immigration law that defies belief. Police officers are now able to ask for a citizenship check when they suspect someone may be in the country illegally.

Crap! Now I need some proof that I am a citizen before I go back to Arizona.

"Wait!" you say. "You aren't Hispanic."

And there lies the problem with the law. There are white Europeans here illegally. This bill won't stop that. But it will make anyone with brown skin a target.

Imagine that there are people with brown skin who aren't here illegally. I know. It's difficult to accept, but let's just pretend. Imagine that this person with brown skin, whose ancestors fought at the Alamo, are driving a little too quickly through Arizona. Imagine that the Arizona state trooper is a bigot. (I know, I know! There are no bigots on the Arizona State Police. I said, "Imagine.") Now our brown-skinned driver does something to make the officer angry. Maybe it's as simple as a tone of voice. Maybe our imaginary racist Arizona trooper has had a really bad day, and now some smart-alecked Meskin just pushes him/her over the edge. So the trooper demands proof of citizenship. A driver's license won't cut it, and the trooper knows it. So he arrests the Meskin and since the brown skinned person can't prove he/she is a citizen, and they are deported, leaving his/her family to wonder what ever happened.

Yes, I know that's an exaggeration. But imagine this worst case scenario: What if the police stop a white person and that person is a complete horse's ass? Then they can ask for citizenship proof.

Look, this is all about being brown skinned. They won't ask me for my proof of citizenship. But now they can ask everyone who has brown skin for their proof of citizenship.

Does anyone remember what happened to American Citizens of Japanese descent in WWII?



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