Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reuters recently reported that after the removal of the Federal speed limit, deaths in road accidents have risen.

Overall, Friedman and his team found that increased speed limits led to a 3.2% jump in road deaths. On rural interstates, car crash deaths increased 9.1%, while the increase for urban interstates was 4%.

Naturally, they are calling for the 55 mph speed limit to save lives and stop Global Warming (Praise Gaia and her anointed profit, The Goreacle. Hah-Men!).

In another story, researchers have found that drivers who text increase their chances of having an accident by 23%. The study doesn't address how texting gets drivers to go 65 mph. Clearly, more research is needed, since speed is what is killing more people on our highways, not any other event.

And finally, a Pennsylvania auto accident led to the bursting of a hose of the repair truck, leading to a hazmat shutdown of the road, and a worker using a jackhammer to repair the utility pole hit a water line. If only the speed limit had been 55 mph!



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