Saturday, January 20, 2007


To show how much they care about the American people, the Democratic House of Representatives have completed their "First Hundred Hours" of legislation in 42 and some change! (I didn't know we were supposed to be timing them.) Please note that they did not promise to make all these promises laws. They simply promised to pass the bills. For those of you who got all worked up about that, here is how a bill becomes a law:

These bills have to pass the Senate (which was designed to be a cooler, more deliberative body to counteract the rash, hot-blooded behavior from the other chamber to prevent laws being passed in the heat of the moment), then be referred to a committee to iron out the inevitable differences between the houses, and then be passed on to the President to sign. Pelosi never promised that their first 100 hours would actually mean anything. They were simply a gesture towards you. Your lives haven't changed. Your minimum wage hasn't gone up and the oil industry hasn't paid another penny in taxes (which, strangely, none of the oil companies owned by the Kennedy family will be required to pay). Everything is the same today as it was in October.

The only thing that has changed is that it's the Democrats who will be leaning back to rake in the phat lobbyist monies that used to go the the Republicans. Time to cash in, baby!



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