Friday, February 18, 2005

On February 11, I posted a comment about an Arizona man crossing a swollen creek in his Hummer and getting stuck. He had to be rescued by a helicopter. I also mentioned that the Austin, Texas media would have made him appear to be an idiot or moron, and I wondered why the Arizona media didn't do that.

It wasn't until this story was published that anyone mentioned that the guy went around a barricade. Now the county will probably charge him under the new "stupid driver law" and fine him what it cost to rescue him.

Out at Enchanted Rock, eighteen miles north of town, it used to popular, though frowned upon, to hang glide off of Turkey Peak, a nearby granite hill. Every weekend, it seemed, some yahoo would crash. And even though the park in is Llano County, they don't have a hospital, so the Gillespie County EMS had to go out there, climb this rugged, craggy peak, and rescue the guy. Once they started charging these folks, they stopped hang gliding off the peak.

I like this idea. If someone thinks they're smarter than a swollen creek (or the laws of gravity), and it turns out they're not, they deserve to be ridiculed. I don't care if you're in a Hummer or a canoe. You roll your dice and you take your chances, and you pay the consequences.


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