Friday, February 11, 2005

Another reason Americans purchase SUVs is a beleif that their SUV can go off-road, and keep them from being stranded, or some such nonsense.

It is particularly amusing when this is proven not to be the case, as in this story. A Hummer got stuck in water, and its occupants had to be rescued by helicopter. Notice that the news story refers to the super-strong off road vehicle as a pickup.

Now if this had occurred in the Austin area, the local newscasters would have made sure to mention that the driver drove around barricades closing the low water crossing, or was unable to judge the depth of the water, and was swept away, all in a tone that indicated contempt for such stupid behavior, incredulity that anyone can be so stupid, and a stern warning to the viewer not to repeat the mistake. Austin news readers have really got that tone down pat, but that's a liberal town for you.


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