Sunday, January 30, 2005

Why can't Gays Marry?

I recently got into an argument with someone who almost violently opposed same sex unions. Their argument was based on the Bible first, then on a Family Values position.

This person said that homosexuality is condemned in the Bible. I agreed and said that so is witchcraft, and that now Wiccans have the right to worship freely. "Suffer not a witch to live," I admonished shaking my finger.

This person said that same sex marriages weaken the concept of marriage. "So it's because of same sex marriages that half of all marriages fail in the country? That's an accepted statistic, you know."

Here's where I stand: If we allow same sex marriages, will my taxes go up? Would same sex couples "get their own check out lane at the supermarket," as Ernie at Ernie's House of Whoop Ass asked? Of course not. If members of same sex unions get insurance and parental rights, how am I affected? My employer doesn't offer insurance now.

If atheists can get married in a church, if good Christians can marry after a drunken party in Vegas (like Britany Spears did) and get an annulment less than a day later then anyone can marry. If it's no big deal that priests molest children and don't get punished, if it's no big deal that people can divorce incredibly easy, if it's no big deal that someone's been married four or five times, then it's no big deal if two guys or two girls get married.

Whatever floats your boat, as long as my feet don't get wet, is fine with me.


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