Friday, January 28, 2005

Dad bought the latest Emeril cookbook. I guess Publishers Clearing House promised that he'd win something if he bought it.

Anyway, it's called Emeril's Potluck. I was flipping through it today, and thought I would try the "Smothered Pork Chops" recipe.

'Kay. Once you got your mise en place, which means "shit together," you brown the chops in some oil. After that, you add flour to the oil to make a peanut butter colored roux. But let me warn you, that roux gets hot! I splashed a bit on my right index finger about twenty minutes ago, and it still tingles!

I still have an hour or so of cooking, so the tasting results will come later.


The smothered pork chops were excellent. For that recipe alone it was worth the book. The next time I cook it, though, I intend to cut the yeild in half. We had pork chops for days!


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