Thursday, April 02, 2009

Yesterday, Car and Driver magazine's website reported that Obamessiah would force Chrysler and GM out of NASCAR as a result of taking money from the Govern-mint. Apparently, a lot of NASCAR fans reacted badly.

That April Fool's joke would have worked without the news the previous weekend that the White House had fired GM CEO Rick Wagoner. The Govern-mint can now dictate who works for a private company. On CNN this morning, I watched one reporterette say with a huge smile, "Can you believe that government can now tell a company who they can hire?" The she sighed as the female anchor said, "Yes, it's a new world." At least she had the courtesy to look a bit angry about it.

As far as I am concerned, govern-mint interference in corporations is Fascism. Not the fake fascism of bigots, but true Fascism, where govern-mint controls the means of production.

Having said all that, it's nice to see govern-mint biting the hand that feeds it. . .



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