Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I have done it.

I have taken the cup of Vista Kool-Aid™ and drank it down.

My old computer kept crashing whenever I tried to sync my iPhone™. I was going to buy a new computer next year, but Dell's Black Friday (henceforth known as "America's Running of the Bulls") special was just too tempting. For $380 plus tax I got a screaming fast new computer.

Yesterday I imported all my old settings and files over to the new computer (I named it "Arale", to fit with the Ubuntu Linux box I named "Cherry Poptart."). However, after the import I realized that the login name is different on the old computer, meaning that the files I imported over under the old name don't work on the new login name--including my iPhone!

I guess that over the next few weeks I will learn exactly how much I know about computers.

So what do I think of Vista after all the bashing I have done? It's okay. It has a dock, like OSX does. It's not as sexy as the OSX dock, but it has one. And they have changed the way the files are arranged to make it more Mac-like. For example, I have a hard time finding what used to be called "My Documents." Now it's simply documents and you kinda have to know where it is to find it, which is incredibly frustrating. Just like a Mac.



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