Saturday, March 25, 2006

Back in 2001, I developed chest pains at work and had difficulty breathing. I had someone call an ambulance, which came from the next block, picked me up, and drove me a mile to the hospital. It cost $735 to start the freakin' ambulance. They charged me $500 for an ekg, which I understand because of the chest pains, $100 for turning on the siren, and $7 for each pair of gloves worn by the three ambulance attendants! The final bill was $1579. For a one mile trip!

So this guy has nothing to complain about! Ken Ward was transported by ambulance from a hospital in Rockford, Illinois, to a heart clinic across the street, a 5 minute trip. His bill? $673! Ward has refused to pay it, and said, "If I had known it would be that much, I literally would have crawled across the street."

That's what I told my family. "Next time I get sick, I'm walking to the hospital." Then I shattered my ankle. Oops.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff --

Take a taxi; odds are it'll get to you faster, and -- evidently -- it will be remarkably cheaper.

Given how personal experience validates the stereotype of kamikaze driving, I'm reasonably certain you'll get there reasonably quickly.

Of course, if there's something requiring immediate life-saving attention 'twixt your home and the hospital, you'll probably expire before the meter . . .

12:18 PM  

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