Monday, June 25, 2007

This is a banner day, folks! Two more entrants in the Pete Townsend Teen Love Story Contest from the same case!

An unnamed 38-year-old female substitute teacher at Prescott Middle School in Prescott, Wisconsin, has been fired after being caught boosting the self-esteem of a mature 13 year old boy. Late one night, the boy stole his mother's car and drove to the teacher's house, where, instead of boosting the self-esteem of the teacher's 13 year old daughter, who he had been dating, he got his self-esteem boosted. Unfortunately, the boy's father followed him and caught them mid-boost, so to speak.

We'd like to congratulate the unnamed mature teen boy for being the first in our parade of Teen Love Stories to have bagged both the mother and the daughter! We hope he sends his scintillating tale soon. We'd also like to congratulate the mom for bagging a mature teen in his sexual prime. Please send us your account of this steamy affair.

To the 13 year old daughter: We're sorry your mom is a MILF.



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